Latchways Multi-lingual Website

Latchways plc—world’s leading manufacturer of fall protection systems, providing safety whenever anyone is working at height.

As Latchways have grown they have moved into new territories and launched new products to work in different industries. Their website therefore needs to be multi-lingual and contain a huge amount of information for the different products sold around the world.

This is the fifth generation of Latchways website developed by .cforce, the first being back in the early days of the internet in 1997. Built on the Drupal CMS platform, the site has over 1,200 pages of information across five languages. It has the capability to have different sitemaps and content between languages and all activity is fully tracked. It is highly search engine optimised (SEO), resulting in high first page Google rankings for many key phrases. More recently, e-commerce has been added to the site to allow direct sales of their ‘Personal Rescue Device’ product.