Latchways PRD launch video

.cforce Lathways - PRD Video

Latchways plc—world’s leading manufacturer of fall protection systems, providing safety whenever anyone is working at height.

Latchways were launching a revolutionary rescue device that allowed a person to safely lower themselves to the ground if they had fallen whilst working at height. A worldwide launch for the product was required.

cforce devised the whole launch programme, including developing the name, branding and packaging of the product. For maximum impact we produced a short promotional video with a stuntman and ‘green screen’ chromakey technology to demonstrate the capability of the product, with the descent shot live.

This video was then used on a huge video wall at the exhibition stand where the product was launched. It was also placed on the Latchways YouTube channel and promoted through email blasts and social media. Views of the video exceeded 35,000 in the first 12 months and led to £1.3m of sales of the product in its first year on sale.

We have also produced the video in many different language versions for use around the world.